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To #25 “Can I clone my hard disk to another computer exactly replica. I have lots of giveaway programs installed”.


This nice APP allows you to put applications and data, stored in your HD, into special files called VIRTUAL SOFTWARE LAYERS, preventing them from being installed to the base file system and Registry of your machine.

By placing applications and data into these virtual layers, ALTIRIS SVS allows users to activate, deactivate or reset their software with a couple of click mouse, so as to avoid conflicts between different applications as well as remove them cleanly without altering the Windows registry.

This means that, thanks to these VIRTUAL SOFTWARE LAYERS, saved on your USB Flash Drive, CD, DVD or External Drive, you can:

  • move your Files, exchange Data or do whatever you want from your OLD machine to the NEW one without any hassle at all (Windows Registry Mess, conflicts between different applications and/or OS etc…).
  • bring your GAOTD Programs (or any other app) back with you when you lose them, for instance after a sudden and unexpected reformat.

COOL, isn’t it??

How to get the KEY LICENSE for FREE??

Download the Software from here:

Unzip the downloaded file “SVS_21_Personal” and begin the installation by double clicking on “Software_Virtualization_Agent.exe”

Then, when you are asked for the PRODUCT KEY, click “Get it free!” and ACCEPT the license agreement

Once you click “Accept”, the file “” will start downloading.

Enter the PRODUCT KEY, you have found inside the “Altiris–SVS License Key and EULA Personal Use” text document, into the proper field of the setup process of step 2 (see above).

Finally, don’t forget to check the “Software Visualization Admin Tool” option before ending the installation process.

It works like a charm for me and it’s FREE!!

Alternatively, if your PC has a large amount of HD space and RAM to spare, you can also try Paragon Go Virtual or VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Version + the Open Source VirtualBox to read the virtual file.

Comment by Giovanni — May 25th, 2011 at 10:26 am

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