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Olympus SP-570UZ: shutter speed limited to 1/1000s (?)

Contrary to what announces Olympus, the Olympus SP-570UZ is practically limited to shutter speed of 1/1000s.
The Olympus’ specifications announce 1/2000s, but in most cases it is not true.

  • In shutter priority mode you are limited to 1/1000s.
  • In manual mode you will probably not be able to set the shutter speed faster than 1/1000s. In this mode, the shutter speed depends on the aperture and on the focal. For instance, with an aperture of F8, you will get the 1/2000s. But in most cases you will not.
  • In aperture priority mode, the camera can tell you that it will take the pictures at 1/1250, 1/1600 or 1/2000, but it seems not true, and in this mode also the shutter speed seems limited to 1/1000s.

More details of my tests: text file (in French) and associated images.

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