The page below was written on 07/07/2018.
It presents the problem that has since been resolved (see this page or this other one).

I need a fast charger for my Zero Motorcycles, model FXS.

First, my bike is a FXS 2016 with 6.5 kWh battery (in two 3.3 kWh packs).
Each pack contains 28 Farasis IMP06160230P25A cells. The maximum allowed voltage is 28 x 4.15 = 116.2 V.
The cells can be charged at 1C, but I will charge a little bit slower.

Here, in Europe, the usual domestic plugs are 220V / 16A (so they can deliver about 3.5 kW).
Up to know, I have always charged using the onboard charger of the bike (720W), and most of the time I am limiting the charge to 80% using a timer. Indeed, most of my daily usage is less than 40 kms, and I only charge to 100% when I know that I could need more range.
But in some cases I would need to fast charge in order to increase my range.
For me, the perfect charger would be a mobile one (not fixed to the bike) since I would only use it occasionally. I would bring it in the top case of the bike when needed. A weight around 5 kgs or less would be fine.
This charger would plug
- on the domestic 220V / 50Hz european plug on entry (16A limited plugs, CEE 7/7), and optionally to a Mennekes Type 2 connector
- on the Anderson SBS75XBRN (brown) connector of my Zero bike on the other side:
A power around 3.3 kW would be great: it would draw less than 16A on the domestic plug.
It could be used together with the onboard charger (using a domestic plug from another circuit) and give a full charge in about 1h35min.
But in case the available domestic plug is weak and does not allow to draw 16A, it would be nice to have a switch on the charger to reduce the charging power.
Another nice feature would be to have a switch to choose between 100% charge and 80% charge (stopping at a lower voltage).
It seems that there are already devices able to do that, but they need to be triggered in order to offer these functionalities.
I do not see anything that could be impossible, since Zero says in the manual of the bike that we can use simultaneously up to four Zero quick 1kW chargers (from the Zero's manual: "The scalable quick charging feature allows up to four supplemental accessory chargers (in addition to the existing integrated charger) to be connected to the motorcycle").
Some more details:

On my bike, the Anderson SBS75XBRN (brown) connector for the external charger has 4 pins. Obviously, the two big ones are for the power.
The 2 central thin wires are for some exchange between the BMS and the charger. But I do not know exactly which signal passes through these 2 central wires.
Update: it seems that the 2 central wires only signal to the bike that a charger is connected.

I would like that the BMS could stop the charger in case the BMS detects that something is wrong (bad temperature, bad voltage of one individual cell,...). There are some information in chapter 9.2.5 of this manual, but it is not very clear for me:
The wiring diagram of the bike could also help.
Update: in any case, it seems that the BMS of the bike opens the charging circuit if it detects something wrong.

This device could probably be used in order to switch easily between 4 different charging options:
They say in their EVCC-Basic Manual, page 6, that it can store 4 user-configurable settings and can easily switch from one to another (it only needs a contactor with 4 positions, addressing 4 different resistances).
It will be fine for instance to have 4 settings:
  Full power Reduced power
Full final voltage 116.2V (SOC 100%) setting 1 setting 2
Reduced final voltage 109V (SOC 80%) setting 3 setting 4
They say that this device should be able to interact with Elcon chargers. Probably also with TC chargers which seem to be the same, at least concerning the HK-J model.

In short :