This is a short description of the charger that I use for my Zero FXS
More details on these 2 links :,116.0.html

Main features:

On a T2 charging station, I use a home made adapter: from Mennekes Type 2 to three domestic plugs:
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Here is the description of the internal wiring of this adapter.

The charger itself is a 3.3kW HK-J, controllable by CAN-bus.
The charger is controlled by a Thunderstruck EVCC-basic controller.
Here is a schematic view of the charging elements.

Problem :
Some charging stations shut down after some seconds when my charger tries to draw 3.3 kW. But if I reduce the charge power to 2.2 kW, the same charging station delivers 2.2 kW without any problem.
It seems that these charging stations require some dialog with the devices that are asking for power, and since my charger does not give any reply, the charging station shuts down.
I am looking for a way to solve this problem.

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