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I have explained elsewhere what I am expecting for my Zero Motorcycles FXS 2016
- fast charger (about 3.3kW)
- that I can use only when I need it, i.e. not fixed to the bike, but transportable in the top case or elsewhere
- that plugs easily to the input current source on one side, and to the bike on the other side
- not too heavy (5 kgs) nor bulky
- that I can use alone, or with the inboard charger of the bike
- that can be used on a domestic plug 220V/16A
- that can be used on a weak domestic plug 220V/10A for instance, or less (configurable "on the road")
- that can be used on Mennekes Type 2 plugs (charging stations)
- that can charge to full charge (100%) or less (80% for instance), and configurable "on the road"
- waterproof and insensitive to vibrations

After looking around for some time, it appears that nothing that matches these criteria seems to be available at the present time.
But it could be possible to build it from these two main components:

1) The TC Charger HK-J. It is the 3.3kW model 96V32A, with CAN-bus, cooled with a fan. I chose to buy it from Otten, where I got very kind advices and support, and where I could get it with all its wiring and connectors adapted to my wishes.

2) The ThunderStruck EVCC-Basic Controller.
At page 6 of their manual, you can see that it can store 4 user-configurable settings and can easily switch from one to another (it only needs a contactor with 4 positions, addressing 4 different resistances).
It could be used for instance to switch between 4 settings like these ones (or any other since you can define for each of them a lot of parameters):
     | Full power| Reduced power|
     Full final voltage 116.2V (SOC 100%)| setting 1| setting 2|
     Reduced final voltage 109V (SOC 80%)| setting 3| setting 4|

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All the units (TC Charger, Elcon, Diginow) are based on the same unit, and generally have the same CAN addresses. The one I get from Otten should have a receiving CAN ID 0x1806E5F4, and transmitting one 0x18FF50E5. These are the addresses used in the EVCC Thunderstruck Controller, as said in the manual. Perfect!

I have ordered the EVCC-Basic Thunderstruck Controller. They asked me if I want them to program it before sending. I was initially thinking to program it myself, but since they proposed to do it, I asked them to program 4 different charging templates:
1) full power (should be 3.3kW and about 32A), max final voltage 116.2V
2) full power (should be 3.3kW and about 32A), max final voltage 109V
3) reduced power (20A), max final voltage 116.2V
4) reduced power (20A), max final voltage 109V
I will be able to change these programs later, but as it, I should receive everything almost "plug and play". I will just have to make the wiring according to the online manual, using a commutator and some resistors to select the 4 programs, and that's should be all!
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