I want to mount a MRA V-FLOW X-CREEN SPORT TYP "C" on my Zero FXS.

I have already ordered a MRA V-FLOW X-CREEN SPORT TYP "Z", but it was sent to me without the mounting kit, and I have returned it because, from this experience, I got convinced that the "C" shape is far better for the FXS.
MRA page with the naked bikes windscreens
Difference between "Z" and "C" shapes:

découpe Z click to enlarge

It should give something like that, and with the additional X-Creen in place, should give a nice screen:
vue d'ensemble click to enlarge

The problem is now to find the convenient mounting kit.
There are several mounting kits on MRA mounting kits page, but very few information, no dimensions for the arms, and in some cases even no picture...

I do not want to mount the windscreen on the handlebar using the HK- Mounting set for Naked Bike (handlebar 22mm/25mm), because my handlebar is already crowded.
I would like to mount it this way:
mount bis click to enlarge

Here is a picture of my handlebar
fixation click to enlarge

And here are the dimensions of the 2 bolts that are fastening my handlebar (in the 2 yellow circles in the picture above):
bolt click to enlarge

Same bolts in place:
handlebar riser click to enlarge

This HKS-D- Special mounting set seems to have arms similar to those I need.
But are they long enough? From the picture they seem too short for my expected use. Can you give me the dimensions of these arms? Do you have longer bent arms than these ones? In any case, I can easily cut them if they are too long.

But this HKS-I- Special mounting set has black metallic parts that look closer to those seen on the picture above. What are the dimensions of the arms? These seem more convenient for me (I think I need long bent arms, with the longest part between the ball and the bend).
MRA answer (Nov. 2017):
The large of the HKSD-Special mounting kit is 20cm and 45° angle.
HKS-I Special 17cm and 60° angle.

Finally, I did it myself from the pictures available on MRA website, reshaped them to rectangular shape using DxO ViewPoint, and scaled from the plastic part measured from my own standard HK kit to 93mm (BTW, the overall length of bars or the HK standard kit is 200mm, from the screen to the end of the bar). Then, counting the pixels gives the dimension. Click on pictures to enlarge them:

What is the difference between these two metallic mounting parts? Is it only color, or the bolt sizes also differ? What are the bolt dimensions (I need M8 bolts with 1.25mm pitch)?
MRA answer (Nov. 2017): There are no differences between HKSI and HKSD (silver and black screws): dimension is 20 x 15 x 30mm. Now, both screws are black. It´s just an old picture.


Do you have a mounting set that matches my expectations, i.e. :
Is it possible to get separate parts from your store? For instance, to get separately
MRA answer (Nov. 2017):
It´s not possible to get the parts separately. These are all packed.
You can order both mounting kits to mix them.
Please note: in many countries, we have importers to place an order.
Here is the list http://mra.de/haendlersuche/importeure

Note: do not take care of the yellow highlighted text: they are the questions that I was asking to MRA technicians.

NOTE: you can build your personalized bars from inox bar diam 9mm, 3D print the bowl at the end and glue them together.
It was my plan if I could get the
HKSD or HKSI parts.

Finally, it was impossible to get the mounting parts HKSD or HKSI in France, since the importer does not import these parts, and he is the only company allowed to import MRA parts in France (that is the reason why online shopping on MRA website does not ship to France).
Finally I got the standard kit that mounts on the handlebar. It is a little bit less convenient, but it works fine.
More information an pictures here : https://electricmotorcycleforum.com/boards/index.php?topic=6908.msg63799#msg63799
I mounted it in December 2017 and it has not moved since that day (we are in May 2020).

Shortcut for this page : https://bit.ly/2rDunRG