I want to mount a MRA V-FLOW X-CREEN SPORT TYP "C" on my Zero FXS.

I have already ordered a MRA V-FLOW X-CREEN SPORT TYP "Z", but it was sent to me without the mounting kit, and I have returned it because, from this experience, I got convinced that the "C" shape is far better for the FXS.
MRA page with the naked bikes windscreens
Difference between "Z" and "C" shapes:

d├ęcoupe Z click to enlarge

It should give something like that, and with the additional X-Creen in place, should give a nice screen:
vue d'ensemble click to enlarge

The problem is now to find the convenient mounting kit.
There are several mounting kits on MRA mounting kits page, but very few information, no dimensions for the arms, and in some cases even no picture...

I do not want to mount the windscreen on the handlebar using the HK- Mounting set for Naked Bike (handlebar 22mm/25mm), because my handlebar is already crowded.
I would like to mount it this way:
mount bis click to enlarge

Here is a picture of my handlebar
fixation click to enlarge

And here are the dimensions of the 2 bolts that are fastening my handlebar (in the 2 yellow circles in the picture above):
bolt click to enlarge

Same bolts in place:
handlebar riser click to enlarge

This HKS-D- Special mounting set seems to have arms similar to those I need.
But are they long enough? From the picture they seem too short for my expected use. Can you give me the dimensions of these arms? Do you have longer bent arms than these ones? In any case, I can easily cut them if they are too long.

But this HKS-I- Special mounting set has black metallic parts that look closer to those seen on the picture above. What are the dimensions of the arms? These seem more convenient for me (I think I need long bent arms, with the longest part between the ball and the bend).

What is the difference between these two metallic mounting parts? Is it only color, or the bolt sizes also differ? What are the bolt dimensions (I need M8 bolts with 1.25mm pitch)?

Do you have a mounting set that matches my expectations, i.e. :
Is it possible to get separate parts from your store? For instance, to get separately
If it is possible to get separate parts from you, I could buy in a first step the HKSL-Mounting set, and then from the windscreen in place, get a more precise idea of the lengths required for the bent arms, and get later the metallic mounting parts and the arms.